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cropped-Launch-it-Quick_Web-IMAGE5.jpgI’m excited to announce our new bookstore for entrepreneurs. This bookstore runs through Aerio, a division of Ingram, one of the most distinguished books distributors/publishers in the industry. To get your copy of the Launch It Quick eBook and many of the greatest business books available today, check out the bookstore today.

Launch It Quick is the perfect book for anyone who is starting or thinking about a product business. In this book, I give you the tools to bring your product idea to the public. Within these pages you will find answers to your questions about how develop and produce your products, choose a sales outlet that fits your personality and lifestyle; develop pricing and marketing strategies and more. Each chapter ends with workbook pages to help you take your vision to reality. You will begin this book with an idea and end with a product and a plan of action.

Inside you will discover help with:

  • The Right Product and Business Model
  • Developing the Product
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Public Relations and Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Direct Sales and Sales Representatives
  • Business Finances
  • Shoestring Creativity
  • Scheduling Your Life and Work
  • Resource Lists
  • Basic Business Supplies lists

Launch It Quick is available in eBook form from all of your favorite book sellers.

The eBook is also available in our new bookstore.

About Tracy_Barnhart

I was born and raised in Princeton, West Virginia. Both of my parents were scientists and educators. My mother was a middle school biology teacher and my father taught chemistry at a nearby university. I remember doing a 6th grade science project on plate tectonics but I never knew that I was headed toward geology. I attended Furman University, planning to be a business major. Since it’s a liberal arts school the students must fulfill a series of science requirements so I chose two geology classes my freshman year. It was during those classes that I realized that geology was fun, but microeconimics made me want to scratch my eyes until they bleed. After Furman, I received a Master’s degree in Geology at the University of South Carolina where I specialized in groundwater computer modeling. I have been a professional geologist for almost 20 years now. Yikes! It feels weird to put that in writing. I work with environmental companies to assist with the assessment of soil and groundwater contamination. If a property has contamination, I work with engineers to design and implement a remediation system. Several years ago, I took my love of rocks and minerals and turned it into a small business. Our line of rocks, minerals and fossils keep me busy when I’m not assessment contaminated properties. You can find out more about my business at
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