How to Get Started with Amazon Sponsored Products Pay-Per-Click Advertising


Marketing is a top priority for product entrepreneurs. With so many products on the market today, you must let customers know that your products are available. Each time I develop a new product and post it on my website, I add it to my Google search and shopping ads. When I add a product to Amazon, I add it to my pay-per-click sponsored products ad campaigns. In the following steps, I will give you a step by step guide to setting up a Sponsored Products campaign. This process is based on setting up one campaign and ad group for a single or just a few products. You can repeat this process for additional campaigns and ad groups. If you run into questions along the way, send me an email and I’ll help you out.

To Set up a PPC Campaign:

Choose ADVERTISING from the top navigation row in your Seller Central dashboard.

On the dropdown menu choose CAMPAIGN MANAGER.

Next, choose Sponsored Products in upper left (blue text). You can use this screen to navigate to the headline ads, which has a similar set up method to the sponsored products ads discussed herein.

Amz PPC Images_Page_1rAfter you choose to create a sponsored products campaign you will be taken to a screen that looks like the picture below where you will create your campaign.

Choose Create Campaign on this screen to proceed.

Amz PPC Images B_Page_2Fill in Campaign Name, Daily Budget, Start and End dates and then choose “Manual targeting.”

Amz PPC Images_Page_2

Click “Continue to next step” at the bottom to proceed.

On this next screen, you can name your ad group and then pick the product(s) that you want in your campaign.

You need to ad a bid for keywords in this section. I recommend starting with the default bid that Amazon suggests or somewhere in the $0.20-$0.30 per click. You can always change your bid for each keyword on a later screen where Amazon will give you more detailed recommendations for keyword bid levels.

In the box that says “Suggested keywords | Provide your own keywords” click on provide your own keywords and then paste or type in your list of keywords. There are a number of ways to come up with keywords. You can brain storm different ideas or use the Google Keyword Planner Tool. Start with “broad match.” Broad match keywords will let Amazon match phrases to your keywords. Once you have some data on the keyword performance you can change them to “phrase match” or “exact match” will likely lower your impressions but are more likely to find qualified buyers.

Amz PPC Images_Page_3a mergeClick save and finish and this will set up your ad.

Ads only run when you have the buy box but if you own your brand and are the only seller that should be most of the time. For an unknown weird reason, Amazon will sometimes have no buy box, however, for a brand owner that should be only a small percentage of time during the month and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

To evaluate the results:

In the main CAMPAIGN MANAGER tab click on the name of your campaign.

Amz PPC Images_Page_4Your screen will pull up all of your ads group. You should have only one since you have one product and or campaign. As you create more, you can evaluate each campaign individually.

Next, click on Ad reports on the far right of the screen.

Amz PPC Images_Page_5On this screen, you can enter negative keywords, which are words or phrases that people may enter that you do not want your ads to show. For example, you would not want your ads to show if people are looking for large headphones that go over your head if you are selling small earbuds so you could add some keywords like “overhead,” etc.

In this screen, you can also change bids for individual keywords by clicking on the ad group, which will pull up a list of all of your keywords. Amazon will give you some suggestions or you can decide for yourself depending on which keywords are working well.

Amz PPC Images_Page_6Run an Advertising Report

Under the main REPORTS tab choose Advertising Reports from the pulldown menu.

Use the pull down menus to choose the report type, reporting period and data unit that you want to see.

Amz PPC Images_Page_7rThen click the yellow “Create Report” on the left. Amazon will generate a report that you can download as an excel file. This will give you information on which keywords are working the best. You can move some of those to phrase match or exact match to find more targeted customers. You can also use the most popular keywords to improve your listing by making sure that those phrases are the description.

If you are new to pay-per-click ads, give it a try. Once you set up one campaign, it becomes easier to set up the next campaign. If you have questions, please let me know.

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